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Oh man. I went into DC today, for the protest, and it was just so awsome. The display of solidarity, united against the administration and the war, it was just incredible. There were so many people there, so many from really, really far away. There were a whole bunch of people from Vermont, and a lot from Wisconsin too.

I went with Emily Kubach, and it was really fun. I <3 Emily. :D We got to Huntington Metro Station at 9, but we didn't leave it till 9:40 ish, because the yellow, blue, and green lines of the Metro were only running one track due to "shceduled" maintence. So the metro was pretty messed up. We're just lucky we went early. We went around to all the tents, and booths, and stages and stuff before the march started. While we did that, we had run into a woman with a couple of really long strings laid out on the ground, and attached to the strings were papers, each one with a picture and a name of a soldier killed in the war. She told us that we could come back if we weanted to carry the connected string, with all the papers on it during the march. So we came back, and it got all hooked together and started moving along the march route. Emily and I stayed with it the whole way. The string of soldiers, when all hooked up, was seven footbal fields long. It's sad and powerful at the same time. It was really incredibly powerful to walk in the crowds, to scream the chants, to feel the tug of the string held by so many people united. There was also a really cool group of people doing something with giant cardboardish things (shaped like bodies, with heads and stuff) which symbolized corpses. They were drumming, and there was a guy danced in ritual looking stuff dancing, and the 'corpse' puppet people were running around, and dying, and getting back up. It's hard to describe, but it was really cool. We ran into Danica's Dad, and Danica. We hung around for while after the march left, heard a couple speeches and a band or two. Then we were tired, so we left. We got to Smisthosonian Station at 4:15 pm. We left Huntington's platform at 5:50 pm. Yeaaah. The metro was pretty bad. Because of the only-running-one-rail thing, and the protest traffic they were doing something weird with the trains. The blue line train we hopped onto at Smithsonian was only going as far as Pentagon City, so we got off at Pentagon to transfer to a yellow line train. Turns out, the yellow line was also only running as far as Pentagon City. So we got off the yellow at Pentagon City and waited on the incredibly NARROW platform there for a long time. Turns out, they were running "special" trains from the protest area out as far as Pentagon City, and then a small number of trains were running to the ends of the lines. Since the platform was so crowded, we hopped on the next train, which was blue. We rode that one as far as King Street, and then got off, waited for ten minutes or so for a yellow train, and then rode that one as far as Huntington. Whew. It was really, really funny, because when we left the metro, we saw these people we'd been talking to at the Huntington station in the morning, when we were waiting for the train.

Maybe more later, whew. Long, long day.
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